Our "Adopt A Bird" Program

How can YOU help?

The Otorohanga Zoological Society Inc. invites you to support your favorite bird or reptile at the Otorohanga Kiwi House & Native Bird Park with our 'Adopt a Bird' Program.

When you adopt a native bird or reptile of your choice for one year, you help us provide the special care our native birds and reptiles need in our breeding programs and conservation efforts.

At the Kiwi House our birds and reptiles already receive the best and most nutritious food, medical care and attention. Your support will improve the aviaries and support facilities that make the Park a better place for the birds, reptiles and people who visit.

'Adoption' confers no legal ownership. Birds and Reptiles in the Park are held under permit for the Department of Conservation.

Birds and Reptiles available for adoption:

Bird adoption cost per year, per species – $100
Great Spotted Kiwi Northern Brown Kiwi Little Spotted Kiwi North Island Kaka Kea
Bird adoption cost per year, per species – $75
Tui New Zealand Falcon New Zealand Pigeon Blue Duck (Whio) Campbell Island Flightless Teal
Brown Teal (Pateke)
Bird adoption cost per year, per species – $50
North Island Weka Pukeko Morepork Spur-winged Plover New Zealand Kingfisher
Harrier Hawk New Zealand Shoveler Red-crowned Kakariki New Zealand Scaup Yellow-crowned Kakariki
Paradise Shelduck Pied Stilt Australian Shelduck Australian Coot  
Reptile adoption cost per year, per species – $50
Tuatara Forest Gecko Green Tree Gecko Leopard Gecko Otagense Skink

For the Adoptee...

As a Kiwi House Adoptee, you will be entitled to:

  • An official Adoption Certificate naming you and your adopted species
  • One free Adoption Pass to view your adopted bird or reptile (pass valid for 12 months)
  • A fact sheet on the bird or reptile you have adopted
  • A Right of Renewal of Adoption at the end of each 12 month period.
    You will receive a renewal notice one month before the expiry of your annual adoption sponsorship
  • A New Zealand tax deduction for your contribution – the Otorohanga Kiwi House & Native Bird Park is a Charitable Society.

Like all living things our birds and reptiles may become sick or die. Should this happen, your adoption will be transferred to another bird or reptile of the same species.

Please take this opportunity to help us in the vital task of conserving our native wildlife.

How Do I Join?

Choose the bird or reptile that you wish to adopt, download and print the PDF document below, complete the form and mail with your cheque or your credit card details to:

Otorohanga Zoological Society Inc.
PO Box 222
Otorohanga 3940
New Zealand

» Application form: 'Adopt A Bird'

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