» Park News : July 2014

  • Ruru in the spotlight
  • Getting in the zone
  • Staff changes
  • Research into captive kiwi behaviour
  • Kea & kaka update
  • Re-development update
  • Volunteer programme
  • Kiwi News in Brief

» Park News : November 2013

  • Three Juvenile Kiwi Sisters on Display
  • Staff Changes
  • Meet our new Wildlife Manager - Lizzy Perrett
  • The Great Weka Round-up
  • Re-development Update
  • Kiwi Releases
  • Enclosure Upgrades
  • Kiwi News in Brief

» Park News : June 2013

  • 'Kākāriki Make a Splash': This month the OKH has opened a new kākāriki enclosure
  • Tuatara Room upgrade
  • We're thrilled to introduce our new General Manager, Elaine Prescott
  • 'Conservation Kids': The OKH is currently working with two local schools to develop conservation projects around the Park.
  • 'Keeping Up with Kea': Bonnie and Clyde are intelligent birds who require a stimulating, safe environment in order to keep them out of mischief
  • Kiwi News in Brief
  • Re-development Update

30 AUGUST 2012

Halfway mark for kiwi house revamp

HE is the 'Steve Irwin' of Otorohanga. From Asian elephants and Fijian falcons, to the creatures of the Australian Outback, Otorohanga Kiwi House general manager Paul Stuart-Higgs has encountered a wide variety of wildlife. He's even had the occasional snake for a bunkmate... » more

Major upgrade for Kiwi House

Visitors to the Otorohanga Kiwi House and Native Bird Park will soon walk into a realistic interpretation of New Zealand bush at night thanks to a $400,000 modernisation programme. » more

12 JUNE 2012

Otorohanga Kiwi House featured on "Roadside Stories"

07 APRIL 2012

Magic Moment Toasts Town's Backing

A Facebook promotion run by the Kiwi House to name the newly hatched chick ended last weekend, with Magic being the most popular name.

Magic netball chief executive Sheryl Dawson said the strong fan base out of Otorohanga was a major reason for the Magic name being popular for the Kiwi. » more

05 APRIL 2012

Just Magic!

OTOROHANGA District Development Board members are working towards changing people's perception of the town. One of the ways the board is doing this is by sponsoring an ANZ Championship netball match this weekend. » more

20 MARCH 2012

Classroom In

ECO EXPERIENCE: Stage one of Otorohanga Kiwi House & Native Bird Park’s redevelopment is nearly complete. On March 9, a brand new multi-purpose classroom was erected in Rotary Park as part of a 12-month $730,000 development to revamp the Kiwi House. » more

15 MARCH 2012

Kiwi a Boy or Girl?

NAME OUR BABY KIWI: The hunt is on to find the youngster a name - and you can help. » more

28 FEBRUARY 2012
Eco-Tour a World-First in Oto

From the comfort of an authentic, rustic hideaway, Kiwi watchers can see and hear Kiwi emerge from the undergrowth to feed, listen to their nocturnal calls and hear night noises typical of the New Zealand bush. » more

16 FEBRUARY 2012

A new arrival at Otorohanga Kiwi House and Native Bird Park has certainly got staff excited. While it isn't a native bird or reptile, it is set to lift the profile of the tourist attraction. » more


New Look For Pioneer Kiwi House

Otorohanga's Kiwi House is getting a $730,000 makeover to bring the tourist attraction into the 21st century. » more

MARCH 2011

Bird in the hand wins hearts of golden pair

John and Janet Greenwood's family bought the naming rights for a kiwi chick at the Otorohanga Kiwi House for a 50th wedding anniversary gift for John and Janet... » more


This video is from the Otorohanga Kiwi House & Native Bird Park and shows a Kiwi chick hatched 11 October 2009 being removed from its underground burrow to ensure its survival as this species of native New Zealand bird is a threatened species.

The Kiwi chick is then weighed and placed in a brooder, once the chick has grown to a satisfactory size and weight it will be released into the wild.

MARCH 2009
Laurel Watson visited Otorohanga "Kiwiana Town" and the Kiwi House & Native Bird Park – the Watson family had a wonderful time! » more

Prime Minister, John Key, opened our new falcon aviary in February 2009 and got up close and personal to a young kiwi bird... » more


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