Why not organise a school visit to the Kiwi House & Native Bird Park?

  • feeding the EelsIt's engaging and fun – there’s always something new to discover!
  • You'll learn how we help with the conservation of New Zealand's amazing native birds and reptiles
  • Lessons are followed by activities within the Park
  • It's the best place for children to see our national bird, the Kiwi

Visit the Otorohanga Kiwi House and immerse your students in New Zealand's unique natural history.

During your visit students can:

  • girl with GeckoInvestigate how New Zealand's native animals are suited to their particular habitat and how they respond to environmental changes
  • Explore how living things have changed over long periods of time and appreciate that some living things in New Zealand are very different from living things in other areas of the world
  • Observe life processes common to all living things and investigate how these processes occur in different ways.

Combine your Kiwi House visit with a walk through downtown Otorohanga (just 5 minutes away):

  • See the Kiwiana displays in the Ed Hillary Walkway
  • Ed Hillary WalkwayCheck out the corrugated-iron kiwi sculptures at the entrances to the town
  • View Kiwiana murals along the main street
  • Meet the town mascot Wiki the Kiwi and complete the "Kiwiana Quiz".

click here for your Otorohanga "Kiwiana Town" school visit

Click here to Book your school trip to the Otorohanga Kiwi House & Native Bird Park

School visits to the Otorohanga Kiwi House are organised by the Waitomo Education Service. They employ a full time educator to co-ordinate your entire 'Learning Experience Outside The Classroom' (LEOTC) programme. They also negotiate the best local prices for activities, accommodation and lessons.

Tailored programmes are developed in consultation with the visiting teacher to meet specific learning outcomes for NZ primary, intermediate and secondary students. The Waitomo Education Service regularly prepares programmes covering the Sciences, Social Sciences, History, Geography, and Tourism for all schools visiting the region.

SCHOOL TRIP ENTRY FEE: $3.00 per person (Children & Accompanying Adults)
TEACHERS: Teachers are FREE

Ed Hillary WalkwayOnce you have made your booking, the Waitomo Education Service will email you confirmation of your programme including:

  • Pre-visit form (please complete and return prior to visit)
  • Programme timetable
  • Maps
  • Payment method
  • Risk Assessment and Management (RAM) forms
  • Student Activities Workbook*
  • Teacher Resource Book*.
    [*available on request]

CONTACT: Waitomo Education Service
EMAIL: education@waitomodiscovery.org
PHONE: 07 878 7642
FAX: 07 878 6184


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