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Donate to help kiwi conservation & breeding

The Otorohanga Kiwi House & Native Bird Park is a non-profit organisation. Over 90% of the organisation's operating income comes from admissions to the park with the remainder coming from memberships and donations.


  • We have actively contributed towards the conservation of New Zealand’s native wildlife since 1971.

  • Help us support essential research and breeding programs for kiwi and other endangered native birds and reptiles

  • You will be contributing directly to help conserve New Zealand's native wildlife

  • Every donation you make is 100% reinvested in the Otorohanga Kiwi House and its conservations projects

  • Obtain a New Zealand tax deduction for your contribution – the Otorohanga Kiwi House & Native Bird Park is operated by a charitable trust.


Please take this opportunity to become involved and help us in the urgent task of conserving and saving New Zealand's birds and reptiles.


Download and print the Donation Form, fill out the details and mail or email it with your cheque or credit card details to:

Postal address:

Otorohanga Kiwi House
PO Box 222
Otorohanga 3940
New Zealand



Make a Bequest

You have a wonderful opportunity to support the Otorohanga Kiwi House & Native Bird Park by making a bequest or donation and stipulating it in your will.


A bequest to the Otorohanga Kiwi House & Native Bird Park is a special and unique gift. Your support helps us provide an enduring legacy. Your children and future generations will enjoy and learn about New Zealand's natural heritage for years to come.


There are a number of ways you can remember us in your Will:


Percentage of your estate

By nominating a percentage of your estate, you ensure that your donation keeps pace with inflation and is of the greatest possible value to the Otorohanga Kiwi House & Native Bird Park.


Specific sum

You can nominate a specific amount in your will, but you may wish to consider reviewing this regularly in light of inflation and changes to the value of your estate.


Residue of your estate

Once your estate is settled, your gifts to family and friends have been taken care of and your expenses covered, you may wish to gift any monies left to the Otorohanga Kiwi House & Native Bird Park.


Gift of property

You can nominate specific property or assets to be donated to the Otorohanga Kiwi House & Native Bird Park. However, we suggest that you contact us first to ensure that we are able to accept and utilise your gift as you would wish.


To find out more about making a bequest and how your gift will benefit the Otorohanga Kiwi House & Native Bird Park, please contact our Manager for a confidential discussion – Phone +64 7 873 7391 or email us


Alternatively, you can Become a Otorohanga Kiwi House Supporter or ADOPT A KIWI HOUSE CRITTER  to be involved with the Kiwi House.



Atu the Kiwi - Otorohanga Kiwi House
Kea - Otorohanga Kiwi House
Tuatara - Otorohanga Kiwi House
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Kiwi - Otorohanga Kiwi House - Kiwi Conservation Since 1971

Otorohanga Kiwi House & Native Bird Park
20 Alex Telfer Drive, Otorohanga 3900
New Zealand

38°10’45.4”S  175°12’48.3”E

PHONE: +64 7 873 7391




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