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Ruru in the Spotlight

Ruru are nocturnal and feed predominantly on invertebrates such as weta, beetles, moths and cicadas. They will also predate occasionally upon small mammals such as mice and native bats and lizards. Like all raptors they strike at their prey with their strong feet (this enables them to protect their vulnerable eyes) and they use their hooked beaks to tear their food.

Getting In the Zone

As part of the Park redevelopment, the team here is developing a ‘zoned’ approach to the Park layout. This enables staff to develop interpretation that explains ecology, habitat features and common features of groups of animals.

Kea and Kaka Update

Love is in the air in our kea enclosure whilst our two new kaka have created a bachelor pad in the enclosure next door. This year we are thrilled to have received breeding recommendations for our kea pair.

Volunteers Programme

Sue Tucker, our groundsperson, works most Saturdays with volunteers in the Park from 12.30pm to 3.00pm. In that short period of time the volunteers certainly get a lot of work done! In February Sarah Tarrant, Evan Cowan and Liz Ward removed a huge rotten Mulberry tree.

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