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Kea and Kaka Update

Kea and Kaka Update

Love is in the air in our kea enclosure whilst our two new kaka have created a bachelor pad in the enclosure next door. This year we are thrilled to have received breeding recommendations for our kea pair.


 Although Matilda, the female kea and Zeppelin, the male kea, are both mature kea that have not yet been allowed to breed, we are hopeful they will succeed this season. Zeppelin, who cannot vocalize, is taking quite a gentleman-like approach to the matter and is spending a great deal of time escorting his partner around the enclosure. Matilda, a very vocal kea, is a bit more determined to get on with things! As the conservation status of kea was changed in November last year to nationally critical, it would be great to have a breeding pair at the Kiwi House.


 In June we sent our kaka pair up to Auckland Zoo for flock mating. They will be introduced together with other kaka to enable them to select mates. In the mean time we have received two males. ‘Toki’ arrived from Auckland Zoo and is living up to his name which means ‘axe’ or ‘to chop’ in Maori. He has managed to strip a number of branches and logs put in his enclosure for enrichment. Toki is a rescue bird who has been shot through his wing.


 This certainly doesn’t seem to slow him down. Toki has been joined by another male kaka from Wellington Zoo. Rata is particularly friendly and has been known to land on keepers’ shoulders. Together these two bachelors have a real potential for mischief so work is underway to complete a new double door keeper’s entrance at the rear of the kaka and kea aviaries. Watch this space!

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